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Specialized Packaging

PelMeds™ offers several options including our unique multidose compliance flexible robotic packaging system. Also available are bingo cards, traditional vials, oral syringes, and other options.

PelPak™ Compliance Pouches Pelmeds™

Each pouch contains the medications for each time of day (morning, noon, evening and bedtime), clearly labeled with patient name, date and time.


Traditional bingo cards (blister packs)

We have the only unique and patent pending printing system technology available in the USA that allows us to offer the safest known blister packs in the industry, and which safely conform with the “five rights” on the back of each individual dose on our bingo cards for easy dosing on LOA, day programs and other away from facility occasions.

Other Packaging Options

Vials / Oral syringes (0prefilled for liquids) / Amber Bottles (for liquids) / Hospice Ekits