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Medication Management Services

We provide several medication management services to help you stay on track

  • Offer experience in treating the most common conditions
    • Transition patients to having all their medications being refilled at the same time each month
    • We do all the work to get them on a monthly cycle
  • Medication reconciliation
    • Work with providers, patients & families to get a complete and accurate list of all their medications before first starting service, post hospitalization, and post-rehabilitation
  • Prescription and refill tracking services
    • We keep track when prescriptions are due for refills and contact providers to get updated prescriptions
  • 24/7 pharmacist consultation
    • If you ever have a question or concern we are here to assist you
  • Assist with prescriber REMS compliance needs
    • Monitoring and product reporting
    • Prescription drug monitoring
  • Assist with reimbursement and prior authorizations
    • Our billing specialists will assist in acquiring any needed paperwork when necessary
Offer experience

Medication reconciliation