We specialize in customizing pets medication needs!

We partner with you to treat pets’ needs and provide an enhanced level of service

  • Offer experience in treating the most common conditions
    • Canine: chronic ear infections, atopy/dermatologic conditions, malignancies, behavioral issues
    • Feline: thyroid dysfunction, dermatologic conditions, renal disease, behavioral issues
  • Create pet-friendly compounded formulations
    • Examples: Topical/transdermal, soft chews, liquids, capsules, custom flavoring, compliance-friendly dosage forms
    • Delivery to your office or directly to pet owner’s home (same day or next-day)
    • Specially trained pharmacist on staff to help answer any questions or concerns

PelMeds™ creates quality compounds according to the veterinarian exact specifications and delivers them by courier to your office or owner’s home!

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